Dairy farmers and milk producers can add value to their milk by processing and marketing their own label products, such as cheeses, yogurt, butter, ice cream, Lactose, Proteins,Tetra pack milk, Milkshakes, Indian sweet meals, Khoya paneer, Indian dairy products and farm-bottled milk.

Many consumers are willing to pay a premium for locally produced, high-quality, farmstead dairy products; organic certification may further enhance the market potential.

The dairy industry involves processing raw milk into products such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, condensed milk, dried milk (milk powder), and ice cream, using processes such as chilling, pasteurization, and homogenization. Typical by-products include buttermilk, whey, and their derivatives.

Developing a product line, production facilities, and a nice marketing strategy takes time, money, and commitment. It is unlikely that the enterprise will be profitable in the first three to five years. Additional skills beyond producing milk will be required

Dairy food processors - including small farms adding value to their own dairy commodities-are subject to a dizzying array of state and local regulations and inspections. Aspiring processors should check carefully with regulatory authorities for specific requirements during the planning stages of the enterprise, and once again as the equipment is ready to be installed.

Are you are dairy farmer or an entrepreneur or a large enterprise wanting to innovate in the dairy sector to produce a cash cow? We will help guide you from step zero.

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