Ready Meals


Diversify your product and the market is yours this punch line has been the secret of any Industry. In case of food industry the diversification of the product with respect to the target market has to be without affecting the healthiness of the product and aspect of cost.

Under the point of equipment and process, Pavan has always succeeded and till date have continued to satisfy its clients by serving the world's best technology when it comes to Food Processing Technology. Just as the tag line goes "Technology to feed a growing world" Pavan has truly stood by it and continues to do so.

Technology and Machinery used by Pavan for making Ready Meals from Fresh Pasta is as listed below.

  • Turnkey Automatic Production Plants.
  • Multi Layer Cookers.
  • Thermal Treatment.
  • Post Packaging Treatment.
  • Kneader Sheeters/ Cutters.
  • Forming Machines.
  • Forming Machines.

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